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Services Include:
  • Aligning Strengths and Resources with Common Business and Municipal Goals
  • Assessing Current Inventory of All Municipal Resources
  • Formation and Management Systems
  • Legal Services
  • Branding and Positioning Solutions
  • Planning and Design
  • HR and Staffing Guidance
  • Economic Analysis
  • Funding Strategies
  • Local, State, and Federal Interface
  • Ongoing Support, Evaluation, and Implementation



The Economic Development Consultancy was established for two main purposes:

Our primary mission is simple…to align BUSINESSES with MUNICIPALITIES while coordinating the key components necessary
to bring economic advantages to both entities.

Businesses are often unaware of the economic benefits that specific municipalities can offer. This is where The Economic Development Consultancy steps in. We provide a full range of services – from the most basic needs, to the more specific services – as target industries are matched with the unique opportunities that exist in every municipality.

Many Economic Development Corporations (EDCs) exist in every state and some are more successful than others. Those communities with effective EDCs continue to benefit from the influx of new businesses and overall economic growth. However, in many cases, municipalities are not fully leveraging the benefits that a strategically sound and effectively-run EDC can bring to their area. This is where The Economic Development Consultancy steps in.

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